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    You’ve been examining your spreadsheets, analyzing your revenue, and thinking deeply. Everything is now in place – your profits, your team, and your peace of mind. You are ready for the next level. But as a business owner who has never done so before, it all might seem slightly overwhelming. There is a lot to keep in mind when scaling up. 

    We’ve laid out a step-by-step process for how you can scale your online business – fast.

    Here are some ideas for you.

    The Power Of The Online Business Model (& Why It’s Faster To Scale)

    Because of how powerful technology is, more and more business owners are shifting to an online model. This also lowers expenses because there is barely any overhead. 

    Not to mention, in this current situation, people are choosing to shop online for health purposes. In the US, e-commerce sales alone have increased by 25%

    In traditional brick and mortar business, you have to take into account expenses such as rent, utilities, inventory, storage, transportation, and more. With an online business model, most of that is already taken care of for you. The biggest expenses involve how you market yourself and your business.

    Scaling an online business is also drastically easier and faster than scaling a traditional business.

    Since everything is online, all you need to do is leverage technology to help you scale your business. When you want to expand, you do it via online marketing instead of renting, furnishing, and stocking a new physical location.

    But what if you’re currently operating as a brick and mortar store? You can still leverage technology to turn your business into an online business. Or at least use these tactics to take some of your business online.

    This will be a game-changer for your business.

    An online business model effectively reduces your expenses by at least half – saving you money and allowing you to scale with ease. As a result, online business is one of the most scalable business models to exist today.

    If your online business is making consistent revenue in a market with high demand, it’s time for you to scale.

    We are going to show you, step by step, how to scale your online business.

    Step 1: Leverage Your Money Mindset To Create More Money

    Before you take another step, you need to consider your mindset. This is the first checkpoint in learning how to scale your online business.

    Do you have big goals? Are you ready for your business to scale?

    Scaling your online business requires a different mindset.  If you think small, your business will stay small. You need to adjust how you view your business, finances, goals, and time.

    You only have so many hours in a day. If you continue to trade a limited resource – your time – to obtain more revenue, eventually you will be at a loss.  Instead of trading your time for money, think of how you can use your mind to create wealth instead. The best way to do that is to leverage the second most important resource you have – money. Use the money you currently have to generate even more.

    This could mean putting out more social media ads. Or you could partner up with an influencer to get them to promote your services, and pay them a fee to use their name and reputation. 

    scale your business with a different mindset

    In the world of business, it is necessary to spend money to make money. The only way to scale is to grow your business. In order to grow your business, you need more leads and more prospects. Instead of having a saving mindset and trying to salvage every dollar, focus on making more money. The potential prospects who are interested in your services will provide you with a much larger return on your investment. 

    Step 2: Find And Recruit Passionate Entrepreneurs To Scale Your Business On Autopilot

    If you are looking to scale your online business fast, a team member with an employee mindset will probably not be of much help. An employee who is looking for a 9-5 job is interested in only one thing: doing the least amount of work possible and collecting their paycheck. These people have their roles when it comes to scaling a business, but the majority of your team should be passionate entrepreneurs.

    Passionate entrepreneurs are less focused on their salary and more focused on what they can become. These are the kind of people who are willing to go above and beyond to help you grow your business. They understand that your success is their success as well. 

    To attract more entrepreneurs into your business, treat team members like entrepreneurs. Give them the incentive to perform and devote  110% of their time, energy, and work ethic.

    For example, in this organization, many members of the team are trained as High Ticket Closers. High Ticket Closers are salespeople companies hire to help them close deals. The difference between High Ticket Closers and traditional salespeople is that High Ticket Closers close on a commission basis. They understand that if they don’t close, they don’t eat. This motivates them to go above and beyond what a traditional salesperson on a salary would do. The more deals these High Ticket Closers close, the more revenue they generate for the company and the more commissions they collect. As the company grows, so do they – they are able to close better deals and generate more revenue.

    Provide a culture in your business that pushes team members to become passionate entrepreneurs. They’ll help you grow and succeed fast – and benefit from doing so as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    Once you build a solid team of entrepreneurs to help scale your online business, you can move onto the next step.

    Step 3: Stop Working In Your Business And Start Working On It

    You’re a busy person. You may have a small team working with you, but you’ve got a lot to do as a business owner. 

    And that’s hindering your ability to scale.

    For example, a fitness coach who is making 10K a month offering 1 on 1 training sessions probably has a system in place. His prospects could be sending him an email asking for more information. He has to reply to that email and schedule a time to talk with them. Once they’re on a call together, he talks about how he can help the prospect achieve their fitness goals. After a lengthy discussion about price and what they can expect, the 1 on 1 training begins. 

    Is that how you’re running your business? Are you involved with every step of the process?

    The first step in scaling your business is to stop being involved in every step of your process.

    You have to get out of your own way.

    This business system will not allow you to scale. Let’s return to the fitness coach case. We can assume he is making 10K a month but has his day to day schedule already 80% full. It is next to impossible to take on the number of clients needed to scale to 20K, 50K, or even 100K. 

    The easiest way to solve this issue is to get some help. Hire a team you can delegate tasks to, so you as the business owner have more time to focus on growing your business. You can hire a support team to manage the emails.  Then build a team of closers to talk with your prospects and convert them into clients.

    Now you have the time to think about how to scale your business because you aren’t preoccupied trying to do everything yourself. 

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